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1918 cover featuring
Mt. Evans and Mountain Parks

Colo. Mountain Club to Remove Billboards

--from the Fort Collins Courier, February 28, 1920

The Colorado Mountain club with headquarters in Denver has started a campaign for the elimination of advertising signs and billboards thru-out the Denver Mountain Park system. If they are successful in ridding this district of the alleged nuisance, it is probable that the campaign will be extended to all mountain parks and drives in the state.

It is declared that advertising signs and billboards are unsightly and degrading to the natural beauties of the parks but the principle argument which the Mountain club had advanced in support of their campaign and which is most likely to bring about a successful result, is that large billboards at crossings and road intersections create a menace to traffic thru the mountains. Automobile accidents are constantly occurring at "blind" road crossings and a campaign for the elimination for sign boards, at least at these places, is of undoubted merit.

Nearly all Denver business men who own such billboards and who have been interviewed on the subject, have expressed a willingness to remove their property if concerted action is taken.

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