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Big Cloudburst in Bear Creek Canon Maroons Motorists

--from the Fort Collins Courier, July 15, 1921

By Associated Press

DENVER, July 14.--Several motorists are marooned in Bear Creek canon tonight as the result of a cloudburst which sent a ten-foot wall of water down the canon, washing out bridges. No lives were lost.

The storm broke about 4 o'clock about two miles below Evergreen. Camping equipment and debris were swept down the creek and several highway bridges and the Colorado and Southern railway bridge at Morrison were swept away. Summer cottages and hotels in the canon are caring for the marooned motorists.

At the Denver Motor club at Starbuck the bridge connecting the club grounds with the highway was swept away and the grounds were covered with debris.

At Evergreen and Troutdale-in-the-Pines only a light rain fell and no damage was done.

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