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Rock of Cronus

Rock of Cronus
in the Park of the Red Rocks
from an old postcard

Picnicking in the Mountain Parks


Turkey Creek Park

Most of the Mountain Parks provide picnic facilities, ranging from open areas with individual tables to group facilities available by permit only. Visitors are expected to comply with all Park Regulations.

Free Picnic Areas (25 guests maximum):
The following picnic areas are available for public use on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

  • Corwina Park Shelter & Upper Park Area
  • Cub Creek Park
  • Daniels Park Shelter
  • Echo Lake Park Tables & Shelter
  • Fillius Park Shelter & Upper Park Area
  • Lookout Mountain Picnic Site
  • Little Park
  • O' Fallon Park—Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
  • Red Rocks Picnic Site
  • Turkey Creek Park

Group Picnic Facilities by Permit Only:
The following areas are available by permit only and at certain times. For more information, see the Permits office website or download the Special Occasion brochure. To make a reservation and check current fees, contact the Permit Office at 720.913.0700.

  • SHELTER AREAS (Permitted the 4th Saturday in May through the 3rd Sunday in September)
    • Bergen Park    Capacity: 35    Fee: $95
    • Dedisse Park    Capacity: 50    Fee: $95
    • Genesee Park    Capacity: 300
         Fee: $120 (Mon.-Thurs.); $390 (Fri-Sun, Holiday)
    • Newton-Juvenile Park    Capacity: 175
         Fee: $120 (Mon-Thur); $305 (Fri-Sun, Holiday)
    • Newton-Commissioner Park    Capacity: 200
         Fee: $120 (Mon-Thur); $305 (Fri-Sun, Holiday)
    • Newton-Stromberg Park    Capacity: 300
         Fee: $120 (Mon-Thur); $390 (Fri-Sun, Holiday)

  • NON-SHELTERED AREAS (Permitted the 3rd Saturday in May through the 4th Sunday in September)
    • Corwina Site 1    Capacity: 35    Fee: $50
    • Fillius Site 2    Capacity: 35    Fee: $50
    • Genesee Site 1    Capacity: 35    Fee: $50
    • Morrison Park    Capacity: 35    Fee: $50
    • O'Fallon Park (Mon-Fri Family Picnic permits only)
         Capacity: 50    Fee: $50 (Mon-Thurs) Fee: $120 (Fri)

The Denver Mountain Parks system is on the National Register of Historic Places as a multiple properties listing. All parks are considered natural areas, and all wildlife and plants are protected and preserved.



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