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At Echo Lake

People at Echo Lake Park


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   Historic image, People at Echo Lake (b/w)    This page
   Red Rocks with snow (modern, color)    Red Rocks Park page
   Young women skiing at Genesee (b/w)    Articles/Skiing
   Shelter at Little Park (modern, color)    Little Park page
   Historic photo, Lariat Trail (sepia)    Articles/Autotrips
Historic Postcards
   View of amphitheatre, 1950s-60s    Timeline
   Eagle nest diorama    Articles/Birds
   McFarland Gateway pillars at Golden    Timeline
   Upper Hairpins with cars    Timeline
   Morrison Gateway    Timeline
   Red Rocks Pueblo    Timeline
   View looking up at Sensation Pt.    Articles/Autotrips
Other Images
   Map, Mountain Parks system    Parks Index
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