Denver Mountain Parks Master Plan

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Master Plan



Master Plan Team

Denver Mountain Parks Advisory Group

Fifty representatives from six counties are volunteering their time for the Advisory Group overseeing the Mountain Parks Master Plan. Meetings are public, although space is limited. Please check the Meetings page for dates and times.

  • Cheryl Armstrong
  • Kim Bailey
  • Bart Berger
  • Tad Bowman
  • Bill Carle
  • Allan Casey
  • Michael Cooke
  • Harry Dale
  • Sharon Elfenbein
  • Patrick Emery
  • Carolyn Etter
  • Dave Ferrill
  • Jack Finlaw
  • Preston Gibson
  • Scott Gilmore
  • Rick Grant
  • Felicity Hannay
  • Commissioner Kathy Hartman
  • Alexis Holdman
  • Wendy Holmes
  • Jean Jones
  • Peggy Lehman
  • Harry Lewis
  • Councilman Doug Linkhart
  • Cheryl Mathews
  • Wayne Matthai
  • Commissioner Kevin McCasky
  • James Mejía
  • Linda Morton
  • Ed Neuberg
  • Kathryn Ryan
  • Tim Ryan
  • Gordon Rippey
  • Doug Robotham
  • Ralph Schell
  • Will Shafroth
  • Ritch Tallbull Jr.
  • Landri Taylor
  • Joe Tempel
  • Gary Thorsen
  • Steve Turner
  • Bert Weaver
  • Dave Webster
  • Tom Wooten
  • Commissioner Melanie Worley
  • Dick Wulf
  • Frank Young

Denver Mountain Parks Foundation

  • W. Bart Berger

Consultant Team

  • Mundus Bishop Design, Inc. (Denver). Project lead. Landscape architecture and planning.
  • Andrews and Anderson, P.C., (Golden). Architecture
  • Trust for Public Lands (Denver Office). Funding mechanisms.
  • Marketing Support (Denver). User assessments and surveys.
  • ERO Resources (Denver). Natural resource inventory.
  • Walden Group (Denver). Heritage tourism and marketing.
  • Civic Results (Denver). Communications.
  • CTM Mapping (Boulder). GIS and base maps.
  • Fehr & Peers (Denver Office). Transportation planning and engineering.
Denver Parks and Recreation Staff Team
  • Susan Baird, Project Manager
  • Michael Barney, Recreation
  • Steve Friesen, Buffalo Bill Museum
  • Dick Gannon, Planning and Design
  • A.J. Tripp-Addison, Mountain Parks Superintendent
  • Sally White, Mountain Parks

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